LearnK12 provides One-On-One online tutoring!

- Access to experienced and certified Teachers in all subject areas 
- Online tutoring with highly interactive and multi-media (audio/video) tools
- On-demand tutoring with the option to schedule tutoring sessions in advance 

icon  How Online Tutoring Works ?


  • Sign-up and Sign-In as a Student
  • Subscribe desired courses(s)
  • Access the subscribed course from "My Courses" page
  • While browsing the course material select a teacher from the list of Tutors (option to search using view more )
  • Make a tutoring tequest with the Tutor of your choice
  • Once the requested Tutor accepts your request and initiates the Tutoring session at the requested time
  • Accept the Tutoring session request and it launches an interactive online whiteboard program
  • Teacher and you have the option to use Audio and Video features of the whiteboard
  • Upon completion of the session teacher will send an email of session details and follow-up information if required. 


  Online Tutoring Benefits 
  • Schedule tutoring sessions whenever and wherever
  • Access to the wide range of subject matter experts and not limited by the proximity of your location
  • Personalized and One-on-One tutoring with no distractions of a class-room style learning 
  • Network with educators and students around the world