LearnK12 is a great opportunity to expand your professionalism!

- Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge with students?
- Do you want to expand your professional career outside the classroom?
- Do you like the freedom to teach courses and tutor students according to your interests and qualifications?


icon   How LearnK12.com Works

Sign up:

  • Provide your personal information
  • Indicate your areas of expertise/certification (upload relevant credentials)
  • Acknowledge your commitment to LearnK12's Code of Conduct for teachers
  • Acknowledge approval for LearnK12 verification activities (credential review/background check)
  • Acknowledge assent with LearnK12's Teacher Service Agreement
  • Receive approval to post your teacher profile (after LearnK12 verification is complete)
  • Receive approval to post your teacher profile (after LearnK12 verification is complete)
  • Set-up and post your teacher profile:
    • Indicate the specific courses/subjects which you would like to teach/tutor
    • Indicate your availability
    • Indicate your fees
  • Manage your LearnK12.com services with the Teacher Dashboard:
    • Review tutoring/course requests
    • Plan/schedule courses/tutoring schedules
    • Review student progress
  • Confirm agreement on schedules/pricing/etc. with students (or their parents/guardians)
  • Teach/tutor students using LearnK12 courseware and interactive tools (e-mail, chat, online whiteboard, etc.)
  • Collect payment credits as per agreements with students
  • Convert credits to cash payments, as per terms of the Teacher Service Agreement


  LearnK12 Benefits for Teachers
  • Use your professional skills during your free time:
    • After school
    • Summertime/ between semesters
    • While job hunting
    • Flexible scheduling
  • Work at your own pace, as much or as little as you like
  • Teach or tutor subjects that are aligned with your professional interests 
  • Network with educators around the world
  • Mentor students in need of help 
  • Ability to help multiple students at once 
  • Tutoring time compatibility 
  • Inspiration for students