Teacher Help

Teacher Dashboard

Learnk12 Teacher Dashboard will have two tables, one table has the recent requests for tutoring service like whiteboard session , other table with recent requests for assessment reviews, more can be found in the video.

Teacher Dashboard - How to start whiteboard session?

One-on-one online tutoring sessions for helping with homework, studying and standardized test preparation at the comfort of your homes or wherever with highly interactive and innovative WhiteBoard tool.

Teacher Availability Schedule

By clicking on the availablity tab in the teacher dashboard. you will Teacher availability Schedule page, where you can add or edit or delete, availability schedule of the week for tutoring services. More can be found in the video.

Teacher Defined Credits

In this page you will be able to define credits per hr for turing session, you can add credits based on the subject taught. More can be found the in video.                                            

Course Guides

Course guides will give you information, on how the courses are designed, and provides information on how content is organized .