Extend learning possibilities beyond the classroom

Extend learning possibilities beyond the classroom With Learnk12, it's a hassle-free access to courses, 24x7! Armed with webenabled PC/mobile device, students can attend school, take assignments and participate in discussions from virtually anywhere. With easy-to-use and innovative teaching tools, Learnk12 has a built-in dynamic mechanism which caters to the learning exigencies of 21st century, helping students to achieve more and race ahead.


Courses in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Others


Thousands of Course Assessments and Practice Tests for Grades K to 12


Live Tutoring From Certified Teachers and Education Professionals

Benefits to Students

  • Learnk12 helps students to work on and improve upon their weak spots. And they don't even have to visit the classroom!
  • Learnk12 facilities an interactive one-to-one learning experience with educators while being part of a collective virtual learning environment along with other students.
  • Students have the option to take courses from other schools, hosted on Learnk12, which can further enrich their learning experience.
  • Learnk12 enables collaborative learning among student communities through several interactive tools for sharing and discussing.
  • Lends students the flexibility to study from home or any other location, without compromising on their grades.
  • Very soon, Learnk12 will be available on mobile phones and tablets, opening up new vistas for students to learn on the go.

In addition, Learnk12 provides access to parents and administrators to log in and monitor usage of the tools by students, their performance and progress.

Courses that cover the entire curriculum

Learnk12 has a comprehensive list of courses designed as per the Common Core Standards Initiative. You can choose from over 44 courses offered for grades k to 12.

Language ArtsLanguage arts for all grades and British Literature

MathematicsMathematics for all grades

ScienceIntegrated Science for all grades, plus Biology, Physiology and Anatomy*

Social StudiesAll the courses, including World History, American History

Others Special courses in Employability Skills, Health, Music Appreciation,
Art Appreciation and Spanish 1*


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  Have Fun Learning

  • Take classes that you are interested in
  • Make new friends with similar interests in the LearnK12 forums
  • Enjoy hands-on interactive class materials and assignments
  • Work with tutors one-on-one
  • Working at your own pace anytime, anywhere

 Do Better in Your Studies

  • Take classes designed to help you catch up to your classmates
  • Take classes your school doesn't offer
  • Take higher level classes whenever you are ready
  • Take classes at your own pace
  • Take classes that cater to your learning style
  • Learn from your peers
  • Learn from qualified tutors
  • Teamwork with others to progress forward