Get your child to EXCEL in school!

Is your child not reaching his/her full potential?

Does your child need to be challenged with supplemental learning opportunities?

Would your child benefit from extra courses or tutoring tailored to their learning style and academic needs?

Would your child benefit from tutoring tailored to his/her learning style and academic needs? Course material that exceeds your expectations, and keeps your children interested?


icon LearnK12 Benefits for Students

  • Tutoring and courses to meet diverse student needs:
    • Help for students who need to catch up with their peers
    • Supplemental learning for advanced students who are not challenged by their in-school classes
  • Learning opportunities that match student learning styles
  • Opportunities to interact with and learn from their peers
  • Freedom for students to learn at their own pace, on their own time
  • Access to screened pool of qualified educators

icon LearnK12 Benefits for Parents

  • Provide your children with the ability to become better students
  • Give your children the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own time
  • Enable your children to learn using the latest in educational technology
  • Use as you need/Pay as you go
  • High quality professional support for parents who elect to homeschool their children
  • Track progress online 

icon Key Features

  • Standards based curriculum aligned with school courses and Common Core standards
  • Interactive, multimedia content
  • Regular assessments and assignments
  • Parent controlled custom curriculum (courses/lessons) design for each student
  • Parent Dashboard to track student accounts and monitor student progress
  • Set alerts for specific student events/milestones (achieved or missed)
  • Request tutoring help or teacher-led courses

icon How Works

  • Sign up:
    • Provide your personal information
    • Provide information about your children (Note: children over age 13 can create their own LearnK12 account): Limited personal information and Information about academic needs and interests
    • Acknowledge assent with LearnK12's Student Service Agreement/Terms of Use
  • Review available courses and tutoring opportunities
  • Select specific opportunities
  • Review and accept agreement with teacher/tutor (schedule/cost/etc.), if applicable
  • Review student activity and performance using LearnK12's progress and reporting tools
  • Pay for services rendered in accordance with teacher/tutor agreements