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Not Everyone Learns Through Books

Books are absolutely great. Do not get this wrong, they are the cornerstone of all educational pursuits. Writing and reading are fundamentally great, but there are some people that do not do well with the written word. They struggle with reading comprehension, and do not move forward like everyone else. When they stall, their grades suffer and teachers have a hard time trying to reach them. It's for that simple reason that video is necessary. Visual aids can help, but full motion video cannot only entertain, it could definitely bring forth hard subjects to life. When this occurs, even things like calculus and other things could end up being so much easier for someone to learn and work through. Educational videos in the past used to be related to the classroom, but with the online marketplace, they are available online and sometimes with real, live action tutoring as a compliment.

How LearnK12 differentiates with other eLearning sites:

  • Standards-based curriculum aligned to School Courses

  • Provides rich Multimedia and Interactive content

  • Probing Assignments and Assessments to test your knowledge

  • Facilitates an interactive one-to-one learning experience with Educators and Tutors

  • Enables collaborative learning among student communities through interactive tools for sharing and discussing

The Benefits of Learnk12 Online Learning

Today's modern student is dealing with a lot of different issues that many people in the past didn't have to deal with. They have to work through distractions that are abounding on everything they have. From smartphones, tablets, laptops, cable television, and even the internet itself, there is a lot of things that pulls a young person away from hitting the books. If that wasn't bad enough, the ratio of teacher to student in most public schools is not very good. This all puts up obstacles that the average person has to fight through in order to gain a semblance of a good grade. With so much standing against young people today, it's no wonder that online supplemental learning for high school is starting to take off. There are a few reasons why this is the best way to attack any subject matter and gain mastery, especially in today's frenzied culture.