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Learnk12 offers Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies Subjects for Grade9. The Courses Curriculum is more practice oriented and will help students extend their learning through their experiences.

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English I v8 (GS) e11


This course seeks to expand a student's personal, social, literary and historical vision. English 1 will provide students with activities which highlight skills such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, language history, language usage, and literature analysis. Students will respond to a variety of literary forms, which include poetry, drama, short stories, and the novel. These major areas will form the "heart" of the course as the theme of "Vision" is explored both textually and personally. You will be asked to look at the concept of vision as it relates to characters (literature, poetry, drama), to yourself (reader and writer), and to the world around you. The vision concept will also extend into the community, as students participate in a cultural liberal arts project. The course will look at how internal ("I") and external ("other") visions connect to create the "real world" all people share.

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