Frequently Asked Questions 

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  • Why use LearnK12? provides a unique and innovative platform that enables children to become better students. It provides access to courses that meet Common Core requirements as well as peer-to-peer learning forums and a deep pool of highly qualified teachers for on-demand tutoring. The LearnK12 portal enables children to learn at their own pace, whether they need help catching up or they want to rise above the courses offered in school. LearnK12 offers a robust set of tools to enable students, parents, and teachers to track student activity on the LearnK12 portal as well as their progress toward achieving their goals and outcomes. 

  • How the Parent Portal works?

    LearnK12 offers a unique and innovative platform for students to gain the edge and attain higher levels of excellence.  With LearnK12, it's a hassle-free access to courses anytime, anywhere.  We use our creative approach to collaborate with other learners and educators of all ages. 

  • How do I register my child for courses?

    As a parent you have two options for registering your child to access courseware on LearnK12. The first option is to register yourself as a parent. Once you register and sign-in, you will be able to set-up a sub account for each of your children. Using this account, you will be responsible for registering your children for specific courses. The second option, only available for children ages 13 and older, is to register your child as a student. Once your child signs in to their account, they will be responsible for registering for specific courses and for any other purchases (e.g., tutoring services) that they make while using

  • How do I hire a tutor to help my child with coursework?

    When you log-in to your account as a registered parent on LearnK12, you will be presented with a dashboard of options for managing your child's student account. One of the available options include "Request/Schedule Tutoring Session". This option will enable you to review available tutors according to services offered, subject expertise, availability, and cost so that you can make the appropriate selection for your child. Once you make a selection, the tutor will be informed and you can use the available tools to coordinate the tutoring activity between your child and the selected tutor. Your child and the tutor will be able to interact using all of LearnK12's communication channels, some of which include: chat, e-mail, live whiteboard, and video conferencing. LearnK12 also has tools to establish payment plans between parent and tutor. 

  • How can I view reports on my child's performance?

    When you log-in to your account as a registered parent on, you will be presented with a dashboard of options for managing your children's student accounts. One of these options is "Progress Reports". This option will let you select any of the available reports for any of your children who you have registered as students on LearnK12.

  • How do I access courses?

    When you log-in to your account as a registered student on LearnK12, you will be presented with a dashboard of options for managing your student account. One of these options is "My Courses". This will list all of the courses that you or your parent have selected. You can click on any of the listed courses and review the content interactively by unit and lesson.

  • How do I complete assignments?

    As you go through the lessons for the courses you have selected, you will find that most of them include assignments to help you to better understand the course material. In many cases, the assignments can be completed online as you would any online form: by selecting the correct answer from multiple choices or by entering your answer in a text box. Once you complete the assignment, you will click on the "Submit" button to submit the assignment for review. In some cases, you may need to complete the assignment offline. In those cases, you will be able to upload the file containing your assignment using the tools available within the course itself.

  • As a student how do I review my progress?

    While you are signed in to any course, you will be able to monitor your progress toward completing the course through the Lesson Completion feature in the header at the top of each course page. The Lesson Completion feature will let you know how many lessons and how many assignments you have completed out of the total required for the course. You can also monitor your performance by clicking on the Course Performance link which will present your scores on individual assignments and tests (whether they are system or tutor-evaluated) as well as your overall score for the course through all lessons currently completed.

  • What are the different courses offered on the LearnK12 portal?

    LearnK12 offers a complete range of courses that meet Common Core requirements and relevant state standards for Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies for students in grades 6 through 12. The complete list of courses available can be found here

  • How much does it cost to subscribe?

    LearnK12 is currently offering a free subscription to all courseware for all grades, for a limited time only. To take advantage of this opportunity, select the "Free Subscription" option when you register as a parent or student on LearnK12. Services provided by LearnK12 tutors are not free and will be charged at the rate negotiated between you (the parent) and the tutor. Payment for such services will be brokered by LearnK12 through the tools provided on the portal.

  • Will there be any options to seek TUTORING services?

    We will soon facilitate the option to request for teacher assistance from a selected list of teachers in each of the subject areas to consult on a case-to-case basis.  The requests can include tutoring in a specific course or general help on assignments and assessments.   Once the teacher accepts your request, the teacher can initiate the contact either by chat, email or  live white board session. There will be a small fee for each request type.

  • How will student-teacher interactions be controlled/monitored?

    LearnK12 takes the safety and well-being of students very seriously. In order to minimize any potential issues, LearnK12 screens the educational credentials and experience of all potential tutors and conducts background checks on those selected to participate in the LearnK12 tutoring service. In addition, LearnK12 requires all tutors to agree to our strict code of conduct that governs all of their interactions with LearnK12 students. Learnk12 uses software-based tools to monitor student/tutor interactions for any violations of our code of conduct and provides students with the ability to report any inappropriate conduct confidentially to LearnK12. LearnK12 takes allegations of tutor misconduct seriously and will act immediately to suspend and, if warranted, to terminate any tutor that fails to adhere to the LearnK12 code of conduct.


  • How do I set up my services on LearnK12?

    • Sign up: this includes adding your personal information, agreeing to LearnK12's verification activities, and confirming agreement with LearnK12's Code of Conduct and Teacher Service Agreement
    • Upon approval, post your teacher profile, including services provided, subjects offered, availability, and rates/cost
    • Use the LearnK12 Teacher Dashboard to review service requests from students/parents,  plan and schedule service provision, and review student progress
    • Teach/tutor students using LearnK12 courseware and interactive tools (e-mail, chat, online whiteboard, etc.)
    • Collect payment from students via LearnK12


  • What is the LearnK12 code of conduct?

    The LearnK12 code of conduct is a legal document that governs your interactions with students using the portal.  LearnK12 takes violations of the code of conduct very seriously.  Penalties for violations may include suspension or termination of your participation on the LearnK12 portal

  • Once you complete your teacher profile, you will appear in the list of tutors available to every student and parent who uses the LearnK12 portal. Students or their parents will find you when they search for specific tutoring services based upon available services, subjects offered, tutor availability, and rates

  • How do I collect payment for my services?

    Students and their parents will have the ability to purchase credits when they set up their accounts or at any time thereafter. Rates for your services as a tutor will be negotiated with the students or their parents based on these credits. Part of this negotiation will include payment terms (e.g. upfront, milestonepayments, payment after service rendered, etc.). Once the terms have been met, as agreed by both parties, the credits will be transferred from the student/parent account to your account. Once you reach a certain credit threshold, you will be able to cash in your accumulated credits for payment by check, direct deposit, or other agreed method. Please note that any payments you receive from will be reported to you on a 1099 form and are fully taxable as income.

  • How do I modify my profile (e.g., add/modify subjects of interest)?

    The Teacher Dashboard includes a "Manage Profile" option that will allow you to update or modify any of the information in your profile including: services provided, subjects, availability, and rates/cost.