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Benefits of using learnk12 for students:

  • Take classes designed to help you catch up to your classmates
  • Take classes your school doesn't offer
  • Take higher level classes whenever you are ready
  • Take classes at your own pace
  • Take classes that cater to your learning style
  • Learn from qualified tutors
  • Learn from your peers
  • Teamwork with others to progress forward
  • Make new friends with similar interests in the LearnK12 forums
  • Enjoy hands-on interactive class materials and assignments
  • Work with tutors one-on-one

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LearnK12 Benefits for Parents

  • Provide your children with the ability to become better students
  • Give your children the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own time
  • Enable your children to learn using the latest in educational technology
  • Use as you need/Pay as you go
  • High quality professional support for parents who elect to homeschool their children
  • Track progress online 

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LearnK12 Benefits for Teachers

  • Teach or tutor subjects that are aligned with your professional interests
  • Ability to help multiple students at once
  • Network with educators around the world
  • Mentor students in need of help
  • Use your professional skills during your free time
  • Inspiration for students

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