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Who is behind Learnk12?

LearnK12 is a product of its parent company, Learnbeyond LMS. With the concept of online educational enrichment for students in mind, our passionate team of developers and project managers built this innovative eLearning platform in 2005. Learnbeyond is a continuously evolving technology, upheld by experts with over 100 combined years of intensive experience in this field. LearnK12 has since evolved into THE ONLY fully-online portal in America that integrates modern technology, the most accurate and up-to-date content, and an attractive interface, along with American-certified teachers. These features synergize to provide an unparalleled learning experience for all students from kindergarten through grade 12. Since gaining popularity amongst the student community for its usefulness and effectiveness, LearnK12 has come to be known as the standard in eLearning by its users today.

About Learnk12 system is an online e-Learning educational portal which has courses in all subjects using a standard-based, complete curriculum meant for Elementary, Middle, and High School students. The system combines multimedia-rich materials with the aid of American-certified teachers to allow students to reach their maximum potential in any subject.

Assignments and assessments are offered to run a vigorous curriculum, while maintaining a fun and exciting learning atmosphere. Using the chat, e-mail, and discussion-forum features, students can collaborate not only with tutors 24/7, but also other students. This eliminates doubts and questions during homework assignments and allows students to discuss and clarify topics with others in order to maximize their learning experience. The eClassroom and Liveboard features allow the student to personally interact with teachers through a virtual lesson and live tutoring, in order to master complex topics quickly. also includes a calendar/organizer feature, reminders, and a dashboard so that students and parents can easily access assignments and work out their own learning schedules.

LearnK12 offers Homebound, Twilight, Blended Learning, and Credit Recovery Program Solutions for students to excel in areas in which they are in need of course credits. Students will demonstrate comprehension in course subject areas after completing the guided course of their choosing.

Our Mission

As technology advances in our society, we notice that there is a great need to keep evolving and improving the learning process in our children's schools. Traditional educational models are no longer sufficient for the different kinds of students and learning personalities out there. Some students are bored by the pace of the physical classroom, while others are left behind from the rest of their classmates.

Our mission at LearnK12 is to satisfy the needs of every student. We aim to maximizing their learning potential, help to increase their grades in school, as well as raise confidence levels, regardless of their learning pace, geographical location, or financial stability. Now learning does not need to be limited to the physical classroom. With LearnK12, students can access their learning materials, hassle-free. Armed with web-enabled PC/ mobile device, students can take assignments, complete homework, study, and participate in discussions from virtually anywhere, on their own schedules. The dynamic nature of the program holds the interest of all students and helpsthem race ahead.